Through The Fire And The Flames Played In Trombone Champ Is A Video You Need To See

On the wings of a dream, so far beyond reality.


DragonForce's 2006 rock epic single Through the Fire and the Flames is now finally playable in one of the hottest music games of the year, Trombone Champ. Thanks to some modding work done by DerpyChap, every sick lick and unbelievable guitar solo has been translated into a series of actions that looks downright impossible to perfectly nail.

On the plus side, seeing a miniature trombonist struggle to keep pace with a song designed to murder the fingers of any guitarist who tackles it, is absolutely hilarious. You can see the end result for yourself in the video below, but it's worth noting that this is likely going to be the weirdest version of Through the Fire and the Flames that you've ever heard.

In case you missed it when it first launched last month, indie rhythm game Trombone Champ has been a viral hit with its mix of cute visuals and hilarious takes on popular songs through the famous brass instrument. A challenging game in which you maneuver your avatar around so that they can honk, hoot, and toot in time with the music flowing past you, the game has inspired a modding scene that has expanded on the 20 tracks present in Trombone Champ.

One industrious streamer has even gone so far as to play the game with an actual trombone, configuring an instrument with sensors so that he can accurately blast out some authentic notes.

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