Three New Xbox Live Multiplayer Features Detailed

Microsoft discusses new Xbox Live multiplayer features at E3 2016 press conference.


Microsoft has announced three new features for Xbox Live, all designed to improve the multiplayer experience for Xbox One and PC players. The features were detailed by Mike Ybarra, who appeared on stage during Microsoft's E3 2016 press conference.

The first of these features is Clubs on Xbox Live, which allows players to create "communities and meet people you can go back to." With Clubs, Microsoft wants to connect people "that love the same things you do."

The next feature is Looking for Group, which helps players find "other gamers with a shared goal in mind." This means that if you're looking for someone to run an Incursion in The Division or build a giant castle in Minecraft, Looking for Group will help.

Finally announced is Arena, a new tournament platform on Xbox Live. According to Ybarra, Arena is "the easiest way to discover register and compete in one place." Players can either compete solo or with friends.

During the presentation Microsoft announced Smite, World of Tanks, and FIFA would be among the first games supported by Arena, and more are on the way.


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