Three new titles announced for the DS in Japan

New Mega Man, Puzz Loop, language-translation software revealed in latest edition of <i>Famitsu</i>.


The DS continues to warrant plenty of press with its strong sales in Japan. The platform's games were responsible for six of the top 10 titles in the country, with the remaining four belonging to Sony's PlayStation 2, the normal behemoth in game sales. Developers seem keen on continuing the success of the DS, as three more games for the handheld were recently announced.

Capcom will release its next installment of Mega Man on the Nintendo DS. According to the latest issue of Famitsu, the company is currently developing Rockman ZX. Though the title sounds similar to Capcom's long-running Rockman EXE action role-playing series (known as Mega Man Battle Network in English), ZX will be a traditional side-scrolling 2D action game.

The main characters are new, and gamers can choose to play as either a boy named Van or a girl named Ale. This marks the first time that the series will feature a female as a main character. No release date or price has been announced for Rockman ZX yet. For the first pictures of the game, check Capcom's teaser site that just opened today.

Also in the most recent issue of Famitsu is the report that Nintendo is bringing the 1998 arcade puzzle game Puzz Loop to the DS. The new version will be titled Shunkan Puzz Loop (Instant Puzz Loop), and is slated for a March 2 release. The game is being developed by Mitchell, which created the original arcade edition. Mitchell is also known as the developer of Polarium, one of the very first puzzle games that was released for the DS.

The rules in Shunkan Puzz Loop are basically the same as in the original arcade version, except the game uses the DS touch-sensitive screen for controls. The player's objective is to erase balls that are traveling on a spiral path so that they don't reach the center of the screen. The colored spheres can be erased by aligning three of the same hue, which is done by shooting out balls from a launcher located in the center of the spiral. The DS version features a total of 60 different stages, with a boss stage every 10 stages.

Following the steps of Sony Computer Entertainment's Talkman for the PSP, Nintendo is also releasing a line of translation utilities for its handheld gaming machine. Nintendo will release a communication tool named "Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwachou" for the DS in March. The translation software's name ironically translates to the confusing title of "Finger-pointing Conversation Note for Traveling" in English.

Tabi no Yubisashi Kaiwacho allows the user to communicate in foreign languages by displaying text on the screen. The program can also play back the text in voices. The software will be offered in five different languages: Thai, Chinese, Korean, English, and German. Each program will be sold separately at the price of 2,800 yen ($25).

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sweet! a new mega man SIDESCROLLER!!!! thank you capcom for taking mega man back to where it belongs. mega man V for game boy was my favorite portable mega man title. don't mess this one up!!!! :)

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My brother would have liked this when he was first shipped to German for Army stuff. It's too late now though, he's already learning the language.

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Puzz Loop sounds just like Zuma.

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Hope MegaMan is good.

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The original MegaMan Games on the NES were the best, I haven't played one since that series stopped... it just wasn't the same after that. Who knows, this one could be cool and the langue software sounded decent so - maybe it'll come stateside

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I wish the old Megaman would come back. I was never very big on the Zero games.

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What the heck with that ZX ? It's like putting original X and Zero's outfit into another character, not so cool one a that, it would be better if they name it Rockman X Twins and put that glass-wearing, coffee/milk-lover character as a tech support or something and add the original Zero to aid the quest of that Twin Xs :P. Well that's just what I hope for the characters and title, but the gameplay might be good tho', who knows what they do with DS' touching features ^^.

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I like the idea of translation units on the go. I hope they plan this for release in the US, so that it comes to Australia.

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definitely getting mega man ZX if it arrives here (US)

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Totally gonna get that translation software.

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So a sequel, an arcade port, and translation software. From the statement "three new games", it sounds like the titles are either not new, or not games. At least the number three part was right.

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ZX looks like a sequel to the Zero series.

Avatar image for homegirl2180

I love Mega Man! Scratch that, I love traditional 2D side-scrolling Mega Man that doesn't have the words "battle network" in the title.

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Not many Rockman games don't come to the US, at least the good ones do. I would be suprised if this didn't.

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"Whoo!!! 3 New Titles that will most likely suck and never come to North america! :)" I don't know about the other 2, but Rockman ZX won't walk that road, my friend...

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I've seen a scan of the new Mega Man ttile and it looks pretty cool. Hopefully it'll come out in the U.S... if not, there's always the import route.

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that megaman game looks interesting, its using the same art style as Megaman Zero and the X character looks the same as he did in Zero, im excited for this game and i hope it releases in the us

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Nobody can stop Mr. Rockman!

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SO AWESOME.Must not die.*dies*

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Gotta love translation software on the go!

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hmm interested in the new megaman. and i would not mind brushing up on my chinese and german. i am loosing the ability to speak in both of them. maybe hearing them on the go could help me pick it back up easier.