Three New Indie Nintendo Switch Games Released From Out Of Nowhere

Three new Nindies to play.


Nintendo took some time just prior to the start of Gamescom to announce over a dozen new indie games for Switch. Of the games revealed, three released almost immediately. Right now, you can download and play Bad North, Prison Architect: Nintendo Switch Edition, and Morphies Law.

Bad North is a viking-themed real time tactics roguelite. One of the cooler indie games we saw at E3 2018, Bad North is developed by Plausible Concept. Don't be fooled by its charming art style. This game is very difficult, and losing a commander in battle means they're gone for good. Bad North costs $15/£13.49. The title is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on August 28.

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Prison Architect Nintendo Switch Edition is the Switch port of the prison-building simulator already on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, mobile, and PC. This version includes both the All Day and a Night and Psych Ward expansions, and the Escape Mode DLC will be available for purchase later this summer. In our Prison Architect review, we gave the game a 7/10. Prison Architect goes for $30/£25 on the Nintendo Eshop.

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Morphies Law is a bizarre size-changing shooter. Shooting enemy players lets you to steal their size until they shrink into nothing. This means players in the lead will be large, easy-to-shoot targets while those who are falling behind can take advantage of their smaller size to weave between firefights. The game is available on the Eshop right now for $20/£16, and will be coming to PC at a later date.

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The full list of announced titles coming to Switch can be found below.

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