Three new DS colours, Cooking Guide for Europe

Red, turquoise, and green DSs, culinary tool coming to the continent in June.


The Nintendo DS Lite has been seen in a plethora of colours overseas, with variants including crystal white, ice blue, enamel navy, noble pink, jet black, metallic rose, gloss silver, and crimson/black in Japan. The US also boasts a decent range of colours including polar white, coral pink, onyx, crimson/black, cobalt/black, and limited-edition models such as gold, metallic rose, and the Legend of Zelda "Triforce DS."

Meanwhile, Europeans have merely had a few stock-standard shades to date, including crystal white, smart black, and platinum colours. Today, Nintendo Europe announced three new colours: red, turquoise, and green, in addition to a new game, Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What to Eat?

The three new colours.
The three new colours.

According to a statement from the Mario Factory, Cooking Guide "goes beyond the capabilities of printed cookbooks and literally talks budding chefs step-by-step through all the processes involved in cooking a tasty dish," and features close to 250 international dishes.

For owners who fear slopping Bolognese sauce on their DSs, Cooking Guide will respond to voice commands, and will repeat steps as many times as required for slower cooks. The game also includes a glossary with "in-depth illustrated details on everything from chopping techniques to explaining cooking terminology," as well as a shopping list and egg timer.

The new DS colours will be available for £99 ($194) on June 13, and Cooking Guide: Can't Decide What To Eat? will be heating up kitchens from June 20, priced at £30 ($59).

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