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Three announced by Warthog

Warthog releases the first information on previously unannounced games titled Sticky Balls, Johnny Whatever, and Milo and the Rainbow Nasties.


Warthog has today released the first information on three previously unannounced games that it currently has in development. The UK-based developer, according to today's press release, has been letting its imagination and creative juices go wild in order to develop new intellectual properties. The three titles announced today include Sticky Balls, Johnny Whatever, and Milo and the Rainbow Nasties.

Johnny Whatever, which is undoubtedly the most intriguing of the three titles, is described by Warthog as a "third-person riff shooter" and will see players assuming the titular role of a reluctant punk hero in the futuristic city of New London. A group known as the Iron Royals has enslaved the people of the city, outlawed rock and roll, and imprisoned the queen in a vat of mustard. As Johnny, players will be charged with righting these wrongs by stringing together power chords and combo riffs on his upgradable guitar. Johnny Whatever is currently scheduled for release in September 2006. Although exactly which platforms the game is being developed for hasn't been announced at this time, the prototype of the game is currently running on the Xbox.

Sticky Balls, which is being developed exclusively for Sony's PSP, is a colorful puzzle game loosely based on the mechanics of pool. Players will attempt to form clusters of patterned balls by playing shots that cause balls with matching patterns to stick together.

Milo and the Rainbow Nasties, which Warthog has helpfully listed as being in development for "any console" and scheduled for release "soon," is described as a third-person action adventure game that will appeal to gamers of 6 years of age and older. Assuming the role of a young boy named Milo Sable, whose sister has been kidnapped, players will find themselves in a world that is being stripped of all color by the evil Dr. Polymer. Armed with Milo's pet color-shooting chameleon, Chamille, players will be charged with restoring color to the world as well as rescuing Milo's sister.

To check out screenshots and movies of the three Warthog games announced today, click on the game titles in the text above. For more information on the games, you might be interested to check out Warthog's official Web site.

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