THQ's MotoGP spinning its wheels

Publisher is "evaluating the viability" of the franchise after development studio is bought out by Buena Vista Games.


Earlier today, Disney-owned Buena Vista Games announced that it is set to acquire Climax Racing, the studio behind THQ's MotoGP series and Sony's ATV Offroad Fury games.

While Sony hasn't yet said how the move will impact the future of the ATV Offroad Fury series, a THQ spokesperson shed a little light on the publisher's plans for its own racing offerings--and it might not be good news for MotoGP fans.

"MotoGP is a good but niche franchise for us," the spokesperson told GameSpot. "We are evaluating the viability of the brand for us after next year."

Waiting until after next year to reevaluate the series fits well with news from Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian. In an investor's note earlier today, Sebastian said he expects Climax Racing to finish work on MotoGP 07 before THQ makes the call on continuing with another developer or scrapping the series entirely.

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Well, although I hope they manage to improve 07 with such things as working guages, more detailed cockpits, and better AI, if they decide to scrap the series, then I hope that some of the motorcycle nuts working on Forza 2 at Turn 10 take note of this and pick up the torch!

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I'm glad that the game is currently under review, but I'll be happier if they decide to scrap this game... I'm a fan of MGP but this series has quite an unbalance twitch.

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I guess gamers don't want a racer where you have to use the brake button.

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why dump it?

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Yeah I saw this coming

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Send your angry e-mails to Buena Vista games. ( I did ! )

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While I enjoy MotoGP '06, sans the qualify and save "bugs", everyone who I know that has played it hates it. Unless it's made more user-friendly the sales will continue to be slow.

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ooops I better snatch up Moto GP 06 for the 360 before they don't exsist.

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ive never liked these biking games

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you know what i hope they do get rid of that and do another more realistic one

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Moto GP is a great series. I never thought I would like a motorcycle game, much less a sim like one at that, and Climax was able to make me get into a genre that I never thought I would like. They really did a great job with their Moto GP titles, it will be a shame if they will no longer make motorcycle games. I hope THQ can find someone good to fill their shoes. What Disney is going to do with Climax is beyond me.

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more racing games, please please please let the guy on the bike spill out on the road, PLEASE!

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If THQ already hasn't they need to secure Rrelic before they loose the best RTS developer currently making games.

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So, THQ can't use Climax Racing anymore for MotoGP because Climax was bought by Disney. You can't blame Disney for that for THQ deciding not to use another studio. Blame THQ. Obviously, using another studio would impact the quality of future MotoGPs after '07. But who knows? Sometimes switching studios is a good thing or a bad thing. Tomb Raider anyone?

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Oh well. Life Goes On.

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Yeah dont get rid of MotoGP that would suck big

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I really hope THQ will still make MotoGP game's down the line. As for Sony and ATV Offroad I think it will go to another studio they have.

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The MotoGP franchise is a great one... it would suck to see it get terminated in a sense.

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If they get rid of Moto GP that would really suck!!

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MotoGP was a good Xbox game, I remember playing it on Xbox Live BETA.

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MotoGP is one of the most solid series ever made, when I pick up a title, I know I won't be dissapointed. I can't say that about many other franchises. Please don't let it go!!

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What makes me even more angry is that a trash series like Tony Hawk, that has been beating to death like a dead horse with 4 bad games in the series in a row and a good young lion like Motogp has to be disrespected

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Save MotoGP!!!!!

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what the hack the Disney-owned Buena Vista Games will do with the Climax studio, creating, Micky mouse Francineding motorcycles?

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as a person that likes the motoGp, and atv series, i guess this is bad news