THQ to Destroy All Humans! at E3

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. publisher will show off a new Pandemic-developed alien-invasion game alongside Tak 2, The Punisher, and more.


Today, THQ declared war on the human race--sort of. As part of its E3 lineup announcement, the publisher revealed it is partnering with Pandemic Studios to create Destroy All Humans! Currently under development for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox for an early 2005 release, the game takes the opposite approach of most alien-invasion games. Instead of having you fight off the interplanetary interlopers, the game's open-ended storyline allies players with them--with the infiltration and subjugation of civilization being the ultimate goal.

If crushing mankind isn't your cup of bubbling alien protoplasm, THQ will have a bevy of other titles on display at next week's E3, including:

Full Spectrum Warrior (June 2004 on Xbox, Fall 2004 on PC): Codeveloped with the US Army, this tactical actioner puts you in charge of an infantry squad mired in urban combat.

The Incredibles (Fall 2004, Xbox, PS2, GC, GBA, and PC): Based on the upcoming Pixar computer-animated film, this game puts players in a family of out-of-shape superheroes' overstuffed tights.

Nicktoons (2005, Xbox, PS2, and GBA): This adventure game stars playable characters from a number of different Nickelodeon franchises. The PlayStation 2 version will have EyeToy functionality, and it will be on display at the THQ booth.

The Polar Express (PS2, GC, GBA, and PC): THQ's Australian studio is working on this adaptation of the Warner Bros.' holiday cartoon, starring Tom Hanks.

The Punisher (Q1 2005, PS2 and Xbox): Based on the cult-classic comic book--NOT the recent film adaptation--this unapologetically brutal game will stick you in the boots of Marvel's favorite avenger.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (Fall 2004, Xbox, PS2, GC, GBA, and PC): Can anything stop this absorbent head with boxy trousers? Apparently not, since Heavy Iron Studios is making a game based on the new Nickelodeon cartoon-inspired movie.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl (Fall 2004, PC): Powered by the new X-ray engine, this PC shooter drops you into the ruins of the wrecked Ukrainian nuclear power station.

Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams (October 2004, Xbox, PS2, and GC): The sequel to Tak and the Power of Juju has you reprising the role of Nickelodeon's young shaman apprentice.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War (Fall 2004, PC): THQ's soon-to-be internal studio Relic Entertainment, will show off its real-time strategy game inspired by Games Workshop's futuristic tabletop.

WWE Day of Reckoning (Fall 2004, GC): SmackDown! series creator Yuke's will show off its latest mat-combat title.

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