THQ to bring Xbox MotoGP to the US

Announced last year in Europe, THQ's motorcycle racing game is headed stateside.


THQ has announced that it will release MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology for the North American Xbox console. The game, which was unveiled at Microsoft's X01 Europe event last fall, is different from Namco's MotoGP for the PlayStation 2. THQ's game will feature all the courses, 500cc motorcycles, and riders from the actual 2001 MotoGP series. Players will also have the ability to customize and develop their own riders and take part in four-player split-screen racing.

"We're thrilled to bring the power and advanced racing technology of MotoGP to the Xbox,'' said Germaine Gioia, vice president of licensing at THQ. "With more than 50 years of racing heritage and 1.5 million trackside spectators, MotoGP is one of the strongest worldwide motorcycle licenses.''

MotoGP: Ultimate Racing Technology will be released for the Xbox this summer. THQ will also release a MotoGP game for the Game Boy Advance.

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