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THQ signs deal for Massive in-game ads

Advertising network chalks up another addition to its growing stable of partners.


Massive Incorporated is on a bit of a roll these days. Last month the in-game advertising network assimilated the in-game advertising for Sony Online Entertainment's massively multiplayer role-playing game The Matrix Online, and on Friday the company announced a long-term deal to provide ads for "several to-be-disclosed AAA titles" from developer Spark Unlimited. Today the company announced that it has added THQ to its list of game-industry partners.

"Dynamic, in-game advertising not only offers publishers new revenue opportunities, but when done properly creates added realism that can actually enhance game play," THQ executive vice president of worldwide publishing Kelly Flock said in a statement.

"We are excited to team with Massive because we believe their network strategy and sensitivity to game play will deliver value to publishers, advertisers and gamers. We look forward to exploring together what we see as a world of new possibilities for delivering advertising to the medium of interactive entertainment."

No specific THQ projects were mentioned as being candidates for Massive's in-game ad network.

Massive's technology has already been used in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, SWAT 4, and Anarchy Online. It's advertising partners include Coca-Cola, Comcast's G4 network, GameFly, Honda, the US Navy, NBC, Nokia, Panasonic, Paramount Pictures, Sci-Fi Channel, The WB Television Network, T-Mobile, Universal Music Group, Verizon DSL, Warner Bros., and XFM Radio.

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