THQ ships Pride FC for the PS2

THQ announces that its mixed-martial-arts game for the PS2 is now in stores across North America.


Pride FC: Fighting Championships

THQ has announced that Pride FC for the PlayStation 2 has shipped to retailers in North America. The mixed-martial-arts fighting game is based on a Japanese fighting organization in which an international roster of combatants use disciplines including muay tai, jujitsu, karate, and kickboxing to defend their honor. The game was developed by Anchor, which has recently been responsible for both Ultimate Fighting Championship for the Dreamcast and Ultimate Fighting Championship for the Xbox.

"We are very excited to be introducing Pride FC to the North American market," said Peter Dille, vice president, marketing, THQ. "Pride FC is the most realistic fighting experience available for the PlayStation 2 and we are very excited regarding the high praise it has received from the core gaming press."

For more information on Pride FC, check out our Ultimate Fighting Championship of the game.

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