THQ ships Aidyn Chronicles

The long-awaited role-playing game from THQ ships for the Nintendo 64.


THQ has shipped Aidyn Chronicles: The First Mage for the Nintendo 64. Aidyn Chronicles is being billed as the first true traditional RPG for the console. The game follows the adventures of a young orphan boy named Alaron, who must battle through diverse locations such as seaports, forests, deserts, and mountains. Players can choose from a cast of 13 characters in forming their party in the game.

"Aidyn Chronicles features the kind of solid character development and engrossing storyline that RPG fans long for but haven't truly experienced on the N64 platform,'' Michael Rubinelli, vice president of product development for THQ, said. "We're thrilled to offer a true RPG adventure for the Nintendo 64."

Aidyn Chronicles will be available at retailers this week.

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