THQ Nordic Seemingly Teasing Destroy All Humans 2 Remake

There's nothing official, but this Destroy All Humans promotional video features a peculiar cameo.


A new promotional video for Destory All Humans' 50% off sale on Steam includes a peculiar cameo that seemingly teases a possible remake for the action-adventure game's sequel.

In the video, revealing a midweek discount for Destroy All Humans on Steam (which also includes sales across other platforms like PlayStation and Xbox), protagonist Crypto-137 is interrupted toward the end by a clone. The clone asks if he is done flaunting yet, to which 137 says for the "little tadpole" of a clone to wait his turn because 137 is "only getting started."

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Fans of the series would immediately be able to recognize the clone, but for the uninitiated, its Cryptosporidium-138, the main protagonist of Destroy All Humans 2. What gives 138 away is his outfit, which differs from 137 in that it's darker and clad in gold accenting instead of blue.

THQ Nordic hasn't publicly announced anything about a potential Destroy All Humans 2 remake yet, so it's unclear if this teaser is a nostalgic cameo to get fans reinvested in the series or something else entirely. Senior producer Martin Kreuch recently told IGN that developer Black Forest Games may be onto something and "may have more intel to share soon."

Originally launched in 2006, Destroy All Humans 2 is a sequel in the action-adventure series. It follows Crypto-138, who poses as the US president 10 years after the first game's events.

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