THQ Makes Championship Motocross 2002 Official

The company confirms its PlayStation 2 dirt-bike racing sequel.


THQ officially announced today that it will bring its motocross franchise, Championship Motocross, to the PlayStation 2. Championship Motocross 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael - formerly known as CMX - is currently in development by Pacific Coast Power and Light Company, and it will feature 24 professional riders, 12 licensed events, 8 all-new fantasy events, 16 customizable motocross bikes, and trick combinations.

"THQ is thrilled with the Championship Motocross franchise," said Michael Rubinelli, vice president of product development, THQ. "We are committed to dominating the motocross genre and plan to deliver the most complete motocross game on the PlayStation 2, with more authentic tracks, riders, equipment, and sponsors than players will know what to do with."

Pacific Coast Power and Light Company has been developing its force-based physics system for Championship Motocross 2002 for two years. In addition to championship mode, Motocross 2002 will also feature a freestyle mode, where players may ride on open terrain while performing tricks with no objectives. THQ's US Open, The Outdoor National Championships, Loretta Lynn's Amateur Nationals, and the Free Ride Moto-X Championships are all included as licensed events.

"The power behind the PlayStation 2 allows us to develop a truly realistic motocross game," said Don Traeger, president, Pacific Coast Power and Light Company. "With a physics engine delivering unsurpassed realism, Championship Motocross 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael will raise the standard for motocross video game racing across all platforms."

Championship Motocross 2002 featuring Ricky Carmichael will be released for the PlayStation 2 sometime in 2001.

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