THQ grooves, Destroys All Humans!

Publisher announces Garry Schyman will score game; promo CD features 1950s songs remixed by today's DJs.


Astrophysics tells us that space is a vacuum, void of sound. With that in mind, THQ's dual announcement that Garry Schyman will be scoring Destroy All Humans! and that the release of a promo CD featuring classics remixed by DJs must mean the game will be landing on Earth pretty soon. In fact, it's set to arrive on June 21.

Garry Schyman, who's scored several games and films, brings some theremin-heavy tunes to the game's score, invoking thoughts of the campy sci-fi movies that Destroy All Humans! is based upon.

"I never played the humor of the game directly. Instead I wrote the score as if this was 1953 and I was a working composer of that era. With that in mind, I played it dead serious, which led to an overly dramatic score and the humor that comes from that approach," said Schyman.

THQ also released a promotional CD featuring music inspired by the game. Several classics from the 1950s, including The Chordettes' "Lollipop," the Big Bopper's "Chantilly Lace," and The Elegants' "Little Star," have been given contemporary makeovers. Musicians Junkie XL (who also scored Microsoft Game Studios' Forza Motorsport), Static Revenger, and Ursula 1000 all remixed songs for the album.

In the game, players control Crypto, a bigheaded alien who crash-lands on Earth in the 1950s. Once grounded, Crypto will have to save his species by collecting human brain stems, slaughtering cows, and avoiding pesky government agents.

Destroy All Humans! is scheduled to land on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. For more information on the game, head over to GameSpot's previous coverage.

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