THQ Grabs Evil Dead

Company picks up Evil Dead license as the basis of its upcoming horror-adventure game.


THQ has announced that it's getting into horror games by building a series of games based on the cult horror-film license Evil Dead. The company has acquired the rights from Renaissance Pictures to use the worldwide interactive license for the next five years. Adding to its growing list of developers, THQ has announced that Heavy Iron Studios has joined the company to help build Evil Dead-themed games. The first game to be published under the agreement will be called Evil Dead: Ashes 2 Ashes for the PlayStation and PC.

Los Angeles-based Heavy Iron Studios is made up of several game and film veterans, with game credits like Parasite Eve and film credits in True Lies, Apollo 13, and Titanic.

"An interactive adventure based on Evil Dead is long overdue," stated Bruce Campbell, star of the Evil Dead trilogy. "Today's game technology will give millions of fans their first chance to experience the sometimes horrific but often times humorous adventures of Ash and the Necronomicon." When Evil Dead: Ashes 2 Ashes comes to gamers, it will be in the form of a single-player 3D adventure, with full-motion 2D backgrounds, and you will control Ash, the hero from the Evil Dead trilogy. The game will take place ten years after the last movie ended. Ash returns to his cabin, where he must battle "deadites" and other evil forces.

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