THQ goes exclusively Massive

Publisher commits to Microsoft-owned company for all its worldwide PC and Xbox 360 in-game ad needs, starting with Saints Row 2.


Saints Row 2

In this generation of consoles, THQ has been an in-game advertising swinger. Shortly after the launch of the Xbox 360, THQ cozied up with in-game ad firm Massive Inc. in a hazily defined arrangement. That was apparently an open relationship, as the publisher also flirted with Double Fusion. Last year it seemed as if THQ was settling down with Double Fusion when it re-upped a deal with the company.

With luck, Massive will get bigger advertisers than
With luck, Massive will get bigger advertisers than "Company of Gyros."

However, today THQ made known its commitment to Massive, saying "I do" to a multiyear worldwide exclusive agreement to have the in-game ad provider handle all dynamically served spots on THQ PC and Xbox 360 games. Saints Row 2 will be among the first such titles to feature Massive's ads. THQ can apparently still have a thing on the side, as the deal with the Microsoft-owned Massive does not cover games on the PlayStation 3.

Massive has boasted a number of big-name clients, including NCsoft, Atari, Eidos, Konami, Codemasters, Vivendi Games, 2K Sports, Spark Unlimited, Acclaim, Ubisoft, and Sony Online Entertainment. It was also responsible for perhaps the highest-profile dynamic in-game advertising yet, the Barack Obama presidential campaign ads in Burnout Paradise and a slew of other Electronic Arts titles.

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