THQ creditors claim hundreds of millions

Microsoft, UFC, Mattel, Codemasters, and Double Fine among long list of parties seeking money from bankrupt publisher.


Numerous individuals and companies alike have come forward claiming THQ owes them hundreds of millions of dollars in the wake of the company's December bankruptcy filing.

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Claims registered in the Kurtzman Carson Consultants database (via Polygon), reveal hundreds of parties are seeking money from the publisher for a variety of reasons.

Wal-Mart is seeking $1.6 million from THQ over a supplier agreement, while the Entertainment Software Association wants $190,000 for money owed over booth space reserved for this summer's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Developers filing claims include Codemasters ($1 million for unpaid game royalties), Double Fine ($595,000 for breach of contract related to Stacking and Costume Quest), and Microsoft ($213,000 for royalty payments related to Xbox 360 peripherals).

Other big-name companies on the list include toy-maker Mattel, which seeks $12.75 million for an unspecified contractual obligation and UFC parent company Zuffa, which claims it is owed $1.9 million for unpaid royalties related to UFC games.

Former THQ executives Brian Farrell ($6.4 million), Jason Rubin ($2 million), and Jason Kay ($2 million) also filed claims against the company. Farrell's claim stems from money owed over his termination "without cause," while Rubin claims THQ was potentially negligent about its financial circumstances when it hired him last year to turn the company around.

Claims continue to be accepted, but no money is expected to be paid until the end of May.

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