THQ announces WWE Crush Hour

Wrestlers get into cars and shoot each other. Details and screenshots inside.


WWE Crush Hour

THQ has announced WWE Crush Hour, a car combat game based on the World Wrestling Entertainment license. The game will contain more than 30 WWE superstars, each of whom has his or her own stylized vehicle. For example, Big Show drives a big rig, The Rock drives a souped-up sports car, and Stone Cold Steve Austin drives a jacked-up monster truck. Standard wrestling match types will be represented in one form or another, including ladder matches, hard-core matches, and so on. No word yet on what modifications will be made to these match types to make them work with cars and weapons. The game will feature 12 levels in all.

On the subject of the game's vehicle design, Peter Dille, vice president of marketing for THQ, had this to say: "We developed these fantasy vehicles by working closely with World Wrestling Entertainment to ensure true-to-character development and storyline. If The Rock is going to get behind the wheel of a sports car personalized especially for him, we want to make sure that all of his attitude and personality is accurately portrayed in the vehicle." To help add to that WWE attitude, each vehicle will be able to taunt. Additionally, play-by-play commentary will be handled by the WWE's own Jim Ross.

WWE Crush Hour is being developed by Pacific Coast Power & Light and is scheduled for an early 2003 release on all three major platforms.

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