THQ announces deal with Disney

Atlantis: The Lost Empire is headed to the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Color.


THQ has announced a deal with Disney Interactive to publish video games based upon its upcoming feature-length animated film, Atlantis: The Lost Empire. Developed by Eurocom and featuring 14 levels of gameplay, the Game Boy Color version of Atlantis follows the exploits of four characters from the movie as they attempt to discover a hidden underwater world. The Game Boy Advance version will be developed by 3d6, will include 15 levels of gameplay, and will feature Milo, the lead character from the movie. Both versions of Atlantis will feature similar locales and characters from the motion picture.

"Given Disney's unparalleled ability to create long-standing animated motion picture classics, THQ is thrilled to bring another Disney property to life for children and parents to enjoy on Nintendo's handheld systems," said Alison Locke, executive vice president of North American publishing for THQ. "Adding highly anticipated properties like Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire to our extensive Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance library of products helps strengthen our leadership position in handheld gaming."

Atlantis: The Lost Empire for the Game Boy Color and the Game Boy Advance are scheduled for release in North America in summer 2001 and winter 2001, respectively.

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