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THQ and Majesco ink sales deal

THQ will distribute 14 current and upcoming Majesco games over the next two years in PAL territories.


Los Angeles-based THQ and New Jersey's Majesco have entered into a sales and distribution agreement, whereby THQ will release 14 Majesco console, handheld, and PC games in PAL territories. THQ will publish these games over a two-year period.

Among those games picked up by THQ in the deal are the adventure game Psychonauts and the DS space action game Nanostray. THQ will also release the upcoming Jaws Unleashed, Aeon Flux, and Black & White Creatures.

"This initiative significantly expands Majesco's global presence," said president of Majesco Jesse Sutton in the announcement.

While THQ's revenues have climbed in the past year, Majesco has had a roller-coaster ride of a summer. The embattled publisher got a kick from critical acclaim for Psychonauts and a strong showing at E3, but its fortunes fell apart in July, leading ultimately to several class-action lawsuits filed by the company's shareholders.

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