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Thor: Ragnarok's New Poster Looks Like That Psychedelic Album You Listened To In High School

Trippy, dude.


Thor: Ragnarok's latest trailer just dropped, and hot on its heels is a pretty awesome new poster for the film. Marvel revealed the poster on Twitter just after giving fans another look at the movie.

The poster looks like a psychedelic rock album. It's pretty trippy, if we're being honest, showing the characters superimposed on top of one another. The Hulk looms over them all, a grimace on his face and a helmet on his head. Check it out:

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It's a striking image, to be sure, one that we could definitely see hanging on a 1970s dorm-room wall between Pink Floyd and Grateful Dead album covers. There's a lot going on in it, which fits with the new, action-packed trailer that features everything from the Hulk fighting a wolf (presumably Fenris Wolf) to Loki and Thor teaming up.

Earlier at SDCC, we saw some of Thor: Ragnarok's new, high-end collectibles, and you can check out an image gallery of them here. Be sure to keep an eye on GameSpot, because we'll be reporting on all the Marvel news coming out of SDCC. Thor: Ragnarok is due to be released on November 3, 2017.

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