Thor: Love And Thunder Adds Guardians Of The Galaxy Star

We get two Chrises for the price of one in Taika Waititi's next Thor movie.


One of the highlights of Avengers: Endgame was seeing Star-Lord and Thor interact. If you enjoyed watching the two lunkheads posture at each other, you're in luck. Chris Pratt will appear in the upcoming movie Thor: Live & Thunder, reprising his Guardians of the Galaxy role, Variety reports.

Plot details are light--non-existent, really--but Avengers: Endgame saw Thor leaving Earth aboard the Guardians' ship, the Benetar, after Thanos' defeat. The movie implied that Thor would be hanging out with the Guardians for a bit; Thor both lost his homeland of Asgaard in Thor: Ragnarok and bequeathed his title as ruler to Valkyrie in Endgame, leaving him adrift.

Pratt joins the MCU's other remaining Chris, Chris Hemsworth, along with Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie. Christian Bale is returning to the world of comic books as an un-named villain in the movie, too. The big news with Thor: Love & Thunder, though, is the return of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster. The actress is coming back to the MCU formally for the first time since Thor: The Dark World. Portman recorded "a little bit of voice-over" for her short scene in Avengers: Endgame, according to co-director Anthony Russo, but her appearance was re-used footage from The Dark World. In this film, Portman will wield Mjolnir, presumably re-telling some version of her arc as Thor in the comics. Director Taika Waititi returns, too, helming the follow-up to his well-liked take on the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok.

Love & Thunder was initially set to come out in November 2021, but the delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic mean the movie is now aiming for February 2022.

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