Thor actors confirmed for Sega game

Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston to reprise respective roles as the God of Thunder and his half-brother Loki in next spring's tie-in to comic book blockbuster.


Thor: God of Thunder

When Marvel Studios releases its Thor feature film next spring, the Norse God of Thunder and his nemesis Loki will be portrayed by mere mortals Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston, respectively. As if bringing gods to life in a believable manner weren't a tall enough order for the pair, Sega today announced that the actors will also be lending their likeness and voices to the upcoming game tie-in to the movie.

The Thor game features Ulik and other villains from the comics.
The Thor game features Ulik and other villains from the comics.

Although it will feature the stars of the film, Sega's Thor: God of Thunder will be an original action adventure that draws inspiration from the Asgardian Avenger's numerous four-color exploits. The game will be set in the Marvel worlds of Norse mythology, with Ulik, Ymir, Surtur, and other foes providing Thor with opposition in addition to Loki.

Hemsworth is best known as playing the role of Captain James Kirk's father in the opening scene of last year's Star Trek revamp. He is also set to appear in a remake of Red Dawn and reprise his role as Thor in a film based on the Marvel superhero team The Avengers, currently set for 2012. Hiddleston has enjoyed success on stage and in TV series like Return to Cranford and Wallander, which starred Thor director Kenneth Branagh.

While the announcement ensures the film's two biggest roles will be faithfully replicated, there are a number of notable actors in the film's supporting cast that may go unrepresented in the game. Sega did not confirm if stars like Anthony Hopkins, Natalie Portman, Renee Russo, Stellan Skarsgard, or Tadanobu Asano would be lending their likenesses or voices to the game.

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