Thor 4 Has Wrapped, Says Chris Hemsworth

Thor Love And Thunder has officially finished filming, and Hemsworth has shared a behind the scenes picture.


While 2020 may have thrown a proverbial banana peel on the MCU's Phase 4 track, things are quickly getting back up to speed. The upcoming fourth Thor movie, Love and Thunder, has officially wrapped filming and star Chris Hemsworth has shared a photo (alongside director Taika Waititi in full Korg regalia) to celebrate the occasion.

Hemsworth writes that the film is going to be "bats*** crazy and off the wall funny" which should come as no surprise, considering the tone and scale of Thor: Ragnarok, which was also helmed by Waititi. And speaking of the director, we can see that he will indeed be reprising his role as the soft-spoken rock monster, Korg, who we last saw hanging out with Thor back on the Asgardian settlement on Earth. Meanwhile, Hemsworth seems to have traded in his traditional Thor costume for a tank top and jeans. Apparently life on Earth rubbed off on him a bit more than we could have guessed.

Not much is known about the actual plot of Thor: Love and Thunder, but its cast list is impressive. We'll be seeing new additions like Christian Bale as Gor, The God Butcher, a villain who unsurprisingly lives up to his name in the comics, to familiar faces making their long awaited returns like Natalie Portman's Jane Foster--as well as the Guardians of the Galaxy, some of whom can't say they're even in the movie yet (even though they definitely are.) This makes sense, of course, given that we last left Thor teaming up with the Guardians at the end of Avengers: Endgame, when he hitched a ride as Peter Quill and company decided to head out into space to look for the missing Gamora.

Thor Love and Thunder will hit theaters on February 11, 2022.

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