Thomas Was Alone developer announces Volume

Mike Bithell's next project a top-down stealth game with support for community created levels.


Thomas Was Alone

Mike Bithell, creator of indie hit Thomas Was Alone, has unveiled his second project.

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Volume is a top-down stealth game where the player, a thief, cannot kill. Instead he steals items from the game's neon-coloured settings. Tools like blackjacks, bugles, thunderclaps, and veils can be used to distract and disable opponents, and more tools will be available as the player progresses through the game.

The game, due to be released in late 2014, will also allow players to modify levels and share the results with the community.

"I've wanted to make a top down stealth game since I was a kid. This is my tribute to the games I played back then, hopefully with a couple of cool twists. Allowing players to make their own worlds and tell their own stories is fascinating to me," said Bithell to GameSpot.

Bithell adds that he is not currently announcing what platforms Volume will be released on, and that he will detail the game's plot at the UK's GameCity 8 event in Nottingham this October.

David Housden, who created the score for Thomas Was Alone, will return for the Volume soundtrack.

Bithell's last game, Thomas Was Alone, was released for PC in 2012, with PS3 and Vita versions following. "Thomas Was Alone utilizes its diverse characters and varied obstacles to create an engaging platformer," said GameSpot in its review of the game.

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