This Year's Call Of Duty Game Includes A Campaign, Activision Confirms

Call Of Duty 2019 is rumored to be Modern Warfare 4.

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As part of Activision Blizzard's earnings report, the company announced that a new Call of Duty game is coming out in 2019. It also confirmed the return of a key feature absent from last year's entry. [Update: The campaign was the focus of the reveal of 2019's Call of Duty, Modern Warfare. This is a reboot of the sub-series that attempts for a more realistic, gritty take on CoD. On the multiplayer side, it will offer cross-play and no season pass.]

Activision management offered some very high-level insight on the game, saying it will appeal to veterans and newcomers alike. The company added that the game is a "great step forward" for the franchise, going on to say that it's rooted in Call of Duty's history, which suggests it will be a sequel to an existing sub-brand.

Also during the call, Activision management confirmed the new Call of Duty will feature some kind of campaign, which is notable because Black Ops 4 did away with a traditional campaign. Whether or not the new Call of Duty returns to the traditional campaign remains to be seen, however. Whatever the case, Activision also confirmed the new game will have a "huge expansive multiplayer world," as well as "fun co-op gameplay." More details are expected in the coming months.

Johnson said Activision has "high expectations" for the game, though it's predicting that sales of the mysterious game will be lower than 2018's Black Ops 4. The Black Ops franchise is historically the best-performing Call of Duty sub-brand, so a year-over-year downturn in sales is expected.

2019's Call of Duty is rumored to be Modern Warfare 4 from Infinity Ward. The series is on a three-year, three-studio development schedule, so 2019's title is expected to come from Infinity Ward, the studio that created the Modern Warfare series.

As for Activision's earnings report, the biggest news was Activision laying off around 800 employees, or about eight percent of its workforce. The job losses will affect teams at Blizzard, Activision, and King, in a number of non-game-development roles.

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Avatar image for dragonsama

Thank goodness this will have a campaign. I might actually pick it up now. Sorry if a game has no single player Campaign then I just don't care about it.

Avatar image for thedarklinglord

Meh. Unless they're doing a reverse Black Ops 4 - selling just the campaign for $20 - I can't say I'm really all that interested. With BO4, they showed a willingness to piecemeal their games, first by not having a campaign and then by offering a 'No Zombies' version, so going forward I'm either going to get the option to buy just the campaign - at a vastly reduced price - or I'm just not buying the game. (Unless I happen to catch it during a Black Friday sale for $15 or less.)

And, really, if Activision was even remotely interested in what the consumers want, selling Call of Duty as both a package and individual pieces would be the smart move. At the very least, it give would them some actual market data on what percentage of consumers are interested in which modes. Because I can't be the only person who considers multiplayer to be the unwanted strawberry in the Call of Duty Neapolitan.

Avatar image for dz99ls

idiots realized their mistake

Avatar image for nintendians

i don't mind as long multiplayer is similar to mw3 (strike packages but more balance between assault and support) then i'm fine.

Avatar image for nargg

Getting fed up with this push to move otherwise great games away from story driven campains to online MP only. Online MP games are great, but to change a single game to this only is not great. It's a cop out. Glad to see some movement back to where this game should be.

Avatar image for starjay009

If it's got campaign, I will surely play it. Still a shame, Black Ops 4 didn't have a single player story.

Also what about Ghosts 2 ??? We need to know what happened to the protagonists following that game's main story. It was left in limbo.

Avatar image for santinegrete

@starjay009: I agree, I want to know what happened after that cliffhanger.

Avatar image for kyotoforever

Yes! Finally! Glad to hear Campaign is coming back.

Avatar image for MondasM

i have been buying cod games since 2007 annually with the exception of this year, mostly due to the lack of sp, which in the past few years have declined in quality and innovation, and if the reviews are "meh", i won't be buying the mw 4, as well...

Avatar image for davillain-

Yes! I still play campaign on all shooters just for the hell of it.

Avatar image for Chaloner11

Another Political Correct version I bet with women in the Infantry...

Avatar image for lina_baby_doll

I don't care for another MW. Just bring back Riley the dog.

Avatar image for WarFox89

TBH Modern Warfare is the only thing i’m interested in COD franchise. I will only buy it if it gonna be really good. I’m a true COD veteran since 2003 and the last game a bought was BO1 and i’m proud of it.

Avatar image for videogameninja

I think we would all be more surprised if there was NO NEWS of a new COD coming out this year.

All joking aside, I’m glad this next entry is retaining its single player component, especially after the last COD’s outing. I know many in the COD crowd may not care as much but the single player portion was still an integral part of the adventure.

Also, it shows the developers that getting away with certain things isn’t as clear and dry as they might originally think.


Avatar image for sebb

Lol. Alright. I thought they were exclusively multiplayer now.

Avatar image for Messenger360p

How much will they charge for a Red Dot reticule in this version of COD ?? Maybe they'll charge you for ammo this time round ?

Come on gamers grow up there's so much more than COD games out there to discover and enjoy.

Avatar image for sashj

How are people not tired of these mediocre games? Activision needs to go bankrupt. All they release is garbage.

Avatar image for caj1986

Finally the chickens have come home to roost

Avatar image for soliaired50

Hmm Soap and Makarov, both of whom have been pretty much the MC and MV of the MW series are dead, so just what can they do with the campaign?

Avatar image for jach

@soliaired50: They pretty much have to do something new, but Price will likely be there too.

Avatar image for Spartan_418

If it's Modern Warfare 4 and maintains continuity with the others, wonder if there will be some alternate history element, or some form of acknowledgement that World War III didn't actually happen in 2016 and 17

Avatar image for mrdinghat

Well, at least it has a campaign I suppose.

Not buying it, might rent it since the campaigns are usually dumb fun.

Avatar image for khanwashere

For the record, the three year cycle was designed to improve the narrative campaign experience. Not to squander the time by rebranding a collection of maps using the name of a previous campaign experience but without the campaign.

Avatar image for j3diknightdave

Well if it is MW4.... It better BE MODERN, enough of the "future" shit. I personally haven't bought in to that shit since AW, after that, the last CoD i bought was WW2... after that, i said i wouldn't buy another CoD until MW4, and seeing on if they F it up or not... I'm a man of my word.

And FYI CoD DEVs and publishers... Don't even think about making CoD without a campaign... Just feels like another multiplayer cash grab without one

Avatar image for Keyrlis


Futuristic warfare like IW is the only worthwhile contributions CoD could offer. If I see one more useless rehash of WWI or II, I'm going to vomit. Old weapons, old theaters, and old nazis have been boring since the Doom-era Wolfenstein came out.

Give me interplanetary warships, resource-driven narrative, and rail guns over any of those history lessons any day. Just this time, I hope the MP is more like the campaign with zero-G areas, dogfighting space fighters, and oxygen management rather than a retread and retexture of BO tactics and maps. "Modern" warfare is a lot more advanced than it was even 10 years ago. It wouldn't seem so futuristic if people would get over their nostalgia for Garands and Germans.

Avatar image for nsignific

@j3diknightdave: The last two haven't been "future", although BLOPS was always a bit more advanced. So they've been done with that for a while now.

Personally, I think IW and BLOPS3 were pretty amazing, but I was really into WW2 and am enjoying BLOPS4. I've found I don't really care about the setting, gameplay usually delivers regardless.

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

which would you bet on, Ghosts 2, Modern Warfare 4 Advanced Warfare 2 or Infinite Warfare 2

Avatar image for nsignific

@shadowwarrior4: MW4 is a safe bet, although I'd be fine with any of them. The setting doesn't really matter, I just want new maps, mostly.

Avatar image for jach

@shadowwarrior4: MW4 of course. There's a reason the others haven't had a sequel yet.

Avatar image for Lach0121

I am cool with it having a blackout style mode. Campaign I am neutral on. I just want slower movement speed, and lower ttk (something closer to a hybrid hardcore) for the battle royal mode. The movement speed is too fast in BOps4, along with too high of a ttk, especially if any armor is involved.

Avatar image for mistervulpes


Sounds like you need to git gud ;)

Avatar image for Lach0121

@mistervulpes: Na, they just need to make a better game.

Avatar image for Barighm

Even the sarcastic comments stating how unsurprising this announcement is have become rote.

Avatar image for linthenius

It will also be filled to the brim with microtransactions. Calling it now.

Avatar image for kstaggs87

“As part of Activision Blizzard's earnings report, the company announced that a new Call of Duty game is coming out in 2019.”


Avatar image for DarkRikuShadow

I wont do it nope.

Avatar image for wrestlingdude


Avatar image for jhawk

I just hope to God that the campaign that it has is a back-to-basics, old-school type, NOT the Black Ops 4 type, or I won't even be touching this one.

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

I suppose a battle royale with Crash, Rust, Estates, Pipeline, Wetwork etc could be amazing.

Avatar image for nsignific

@gamingdevil800: I was kind of hoping they'd spin off the BR mode into a separate GaaS, adding content as new mainline CODs release.

But Activision-Blizzard loves dividing audiences?

Avatar image for Voice_of_Wisdom

surprise!!!!! we'll have COD in 2019!!!!!