This Xbox One Game Now Syncs Up With Lights in Your Living Room

Xbox One game Chariot can sync up to Philips lighting system.


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The Xbox One version of Frima Studio Inc.'s indie game Chariot has been updated to support a really cool-sounding new feature. Frima and electronics company Philips on Wednesday announced that the game now features integration with the Philips Hue connected lighting system.

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How does it work? Basically, as you play through the adorable co-op platformer, the Philips Hue lighting system projects different color tones on your walls based on what's happening in the game.

"When enemies attack, Hue lights blink red. When colorful plants bloom, their colors are reflected in the room," Philips said, noting that the Hue system supports "hundreds" of different colors and variations.

Philips says Chariot is now the "world's first video game to be synched with home lighting."

Take a look at the video below to see how it works.

More information about Hue lighting systems, including specific models and pricing, is available on the Philips website.

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