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This Xbox Live Gold Deal Lets Subscribers Save Big On Game Pass Ultimate

Newegg's current deal on Xbox Live Gold can be converted to Game Pass Ultimate due to Microsoft's pricing changes.


Newegg is selling six-month subscriptions for Xbox Live Gold for $33 today only with promo code EMCEHSH46. Normally, this wouldn't be a notable deal, but due to the newly announced changes to Xbox Live Gold pricing, you can convert that subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate at no extra charge. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate normally costs $90 for six months, so this is quite the deal. That said, not everyone can take advantage of this offer. [Update: Microsoft has since rolled back the proposed Xbox Live Gold price increases; the company also announced that free-to-play games would genuinely be free, without the need for a subscription]

Current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will not be able to convert at a 1:1 rate. Instead, the six-month subscription will be bumped down a couple a couple of months during the conversion, which doesn't really make this a good deal for existing Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. For those with Xbox Live Gold or no subscription at all, this is an excellent deal. Alternatively, you could purchase a 12-month subscription to Xbox Live Gold for $60 and convert it to a year of Game Pass Ultimate.

After entering the digital code on the Xbox Store, head over to your subscription settings and convert to a Game Pass Ultimate plan. It's possible you'll get an additional three months tacked onto your subscription by signing up for automatic renewal at $15 per month. If so, you're essentially getting Game Pass Ultimate for less than $4 per month for nine months.

The 1:1 conversion to Game Pass Ultimate appears to be a limited-time offer, and it's unclear how long it will be available. For the time being, though, Microsoft is letting users directly convert up to 36 months of Xbox Live Gold to Game Pass Ultimate. The 1:1 conversion seems to be Microsoft's way of encouraging users to make the switch to Game Pass Ultimate. Existing Xbox Live Gold subscribers can still renew their subscriptions at the same price if they aren't interested in Game Pass Ultimate. But if you've been interested, now is the perfect time to make the jump.

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