This Witcher 3 Cosplay Is Excellent

Stunning Ciri cosplay.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt introduces an intriguing magical character named Ciri, who is playable for portions of the game. Now, someone has cosplayed as the white-haired woman, and did a good enough job to catch the attention of developer CD Projekt Red.

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The Polish developer shared Galina Zhukovskaia's impressive photos through its Facebook page today.

Zhukovskaia totally nails Ciri's look, from her distinct hair to the scar on her cheek.

You can see all the photos in the gallery below. Looking for more Witcher cosplay? Check out this gender-bending "Geraltina" cosplay from last week.

The Witcher 3 launches May 19 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. GameSpot critic Kevin VanOrd scored the game a perfect 10/10. With that high praise, the RPG becomes the ninth game in GameSpot history to receive a perfect score.

For more on The Witcher 3's critical reception, check out what other critics are saying.

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If you like cosplay check out << LINK REMOVED >> They are working on Margaret and Elizabeth from Persona 4, and Aion costumes, but have also done Kingdom Hearts, Journey, Code Geass, and Trinity Blood.

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Whatta wicked piece of cosplay ass.

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But she had yellow eyes! So, help me, God! Yellow eyes!

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@frag_bait: Ciri doesn't have yellow eyes. Her eyes are deep green. << LINK REMOVED >>

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Very Cute

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Shes pretty hot when she doesnt frown. Very good cosplay!

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@SphinxDemon: She looks like ciri, and ciri is hot even when she frowns.

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Excellent. Just excellent.

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The hair & makeup, costume, gear, colors, lighting, background and composition are all very well done. I really like it. On a sidenote, because of the hair and Galina's own facial features, at certain angles, she kinda reminds me of Liv from iZombie.

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Amazing photographs, I cannot imagine the amount of work that went into these.

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lovely and beautiful ..if she kill me i accept it

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really love this girl :*

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Wow, if they make a film on Ciri they should use this girl.

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She looks amazing,

You can get all these bits of costume here << LINK REMOVED >>

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buy the limited edition online, get the game and russian mail-order bride in your mail

it's a trap

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You guys are making some awful assumptions here. Most cosplayers are at least minimally interested in gaming. In this case the cosplayer has a youtube channel and does let's plays. Obviously, she does all of this pandering for financial reasons, but I couldn't imagine someone playing video games and dressing up as video game characters for money NOT being a gamer... Come on.

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where does one buy a white wig of that quality ?

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Nice , too bad she must not be a gamer at all ...

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love russian girls with too much time on their hands

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Know this ain't exactly news, but this cosplay is terrific and this girl is gorgeous.

Perfect figure, she nailed the Ciri look.

I wish we had more gamer girls that look like this in my country (and more gamer girls in general in Israel) lol.

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@GunEye: I doubt she's a gamer herself... it's something of a trend in Russia for girls to cosplay and get attention from gaming companies... they probably make money from this type of thing.

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Oh,oh my a game did done deserve a magtastical 10/10 from the almighty gamespot did it? Praise be to crfiiyrciycfyiicr

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Stunning ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Does she have a wonderbra on in picture #6

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I like it, except for the 4th picture. I think it's mostly just the fact that that she looks into the camera that ruins it for me, though I think I'm not a big fan of the composition and pose either.

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She can swing my sword any day of the week

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She is Ciri-ously sexy

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@PhilupBlunt: Oh I see what you did there.

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No comments but don't want to run into in the hands of sword. :)). << LINK REMOVED >>

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This astonishing figure, those amazingly pretty facial characteristics equals one thing : Slavic Origin
All hail eastern EU beauties :P

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MY favorite pic is the 6th one over, always love the 'just killing time before i have to stab someone in the face' pose.

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No comment

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I immediately thought of that old Styx song "Too much time on my hands"...

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I feel my inner Johnny Bravo bursting to get out.

Come on me, you're better than that! Don't be that guy!


Damn it!

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link to high res pictures?

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Attractive girl? Yes

Cool cosplay? Yes

News worthy? No

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@WuShogun212: The cosplay looks amazing! It's news worthy nub! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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a) Attractive girl? Yes

b) Cool cosplay? Yes

c) c = a+b

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It's game related and its from the developer of the game. You chose to click. Or did you....? Look under your desk for this mystery clicker. We will get to the bottom of this together.

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@aedanblack@marcsmashing@WuShogun212: Oh, oooohhhh wow-ka-zow whatba zinger!

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Man, this girl is amazing.

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You know what would be awesome? You pre-order and a chick like this delivers the game to your house.

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@capocrimeboss: You want her to deliver the game? I'd prefer to "play" with her...

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Nails the look, and great costume work.

Also, not sure how attractive one is allowed to find their surrogate daughter?