This Week's Xbox One and Xbox 360 Deals With Gold Revealed

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It's a new week, which means there is now a fresh set of deals available now on Xbox Live for Xbox One and Xbox 360. Microsoft's Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb rounded up the offers on his blog, which include markdowns on games like Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Payday 2, Homefront: The Revolution, Skate 3, and SSX.

You can see all of this week's deals, divided by platform, below the image. All of the offers are good through August 29.

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Xbox Live Gold members can also now pick up more of August 2016's free Games With Gold titles, which include Beyond Good & Evil HD and WWE 2K16. Looking ahead, one of September 2016's free games has been announced, but the full lineup has not yet been revealed.

Xbox One Weekly Deals (Thru August 29):

  • Alekhine's Gun -- $20
  • Elite Dangerous Standard Edition -- $19.50
  • Elite Dangerous Commander Deluxe Edition -- $36
  • Farming Simulator 15 -- $16.50
  • GunWorld 2 -- $5.35
  • Homefront: The Revolution -- $30
  • Homefront: The Revolution Freedom Fighter Bundle -- $35
  • JumpJet Rex -- $6.69
  • Letter Quest: Grimm's Journey / Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition / Paranautical Activity Bundle -- $10
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst -- $36
  • Payday 2: Crimewave Edition -- $12
  • Titanfall Deluxe Edition -- $5
  • Trials of the Blood Dragon -- $10.04
  • Unravel -- $10

These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

Xbox 360 Weekly Deals (Thru August 29):

  • Bound by Flame -- $7.50
  • Contrast -- $2.50
  • Faery: Legends of Avalon -- $1.50
  • Farming Simulator -- $7.50
  • Farming Simulator 15 -- $13.19
  • Mars: War Logs -- $2.50
  • Reals of Ancient War -- $2.50
  • Skate 3 -- $5
  • SSX -- $6.60

These offers are only valid for Xbox Live Gold members.

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skate 4

Avatar image for goodgamesguy

Meh, the X1 is really lacking in exclusive games, I've been playing pretty much just Gears Ultimate for the past couple months when I do turn it on. Unfortunate they are focusing so hard on old games and not releasing new ones.

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--the games with gold are usually worth checking out
--especially since you can play both the xb1 and the 360 GwG on xb1

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*Realms of Ancient War

Avatar image for suicidesn0wman

I wonder if they've fixed the save bug on Homefront yet. I thought the game would be fairly decent if they fixed that. Even with the bugs I still enjoyed the game a ton. Wouldn't have taken much to turn that game into a hit.

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Damn, I would kill to play skate 3 on my PS4.

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@NorseLax09: Tony Hawk 5 is available. LOL

Loved THPS 2,3 and 4.... 5 is 1000x worse than No Mans Sky.

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--i thought for a second that they were putting skate 3 on BC
--it is about the only game i keep my 360 out for nowadays

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@TheZeroPercent: They promised that it will be BC

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--i wish they had been working this whole time on a solid 8th gen skate4
--instead of