This Week's Rock Band 4 DLC Celebrates Mother's Day (Sort Of)

Harmonix announces the next DLC tracks for Rock Band 4.


Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday (don't forget to call your mom!), and in the spirit of the week, Harmonix is releasing new Rock Band 4 DLC tracks that are in some ways to connected to mothers.

The two new DLC tracks this week are "Kids" by MGMT and "Mother Mother" by Tracy Bonham. The MGMT tracks starts off with a reference to mothers, with the lyrics "You were a child / Crawling on your knees toward him / Making momma so proud / But your voice is too loud."

"Mother Mother" is even more closely connected to moms. The first verse starts with "Mother mother how's the family? / I'm just calling to say hello / How's the weather? How's my father?"

You can listen to the songs through the Spotify embed below and see a preview of their gameplay in the video above. The two songs will be available to buy on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for $2 each this Thursday, May 11.

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