This Week's Red Dead Online Update Rewards Robbers Big And Small

Players can also pick up certain cosmetics and weapons at a discount this week.


This week's update for Red Dead Online departs from what players have been getting since the release of the game's Blood Money expansion. Instead of new content, this week is solely focused on getting players more cash and cosmetics, with bonus payouts for select crimes, as well as discounts on select weapons, clothes, and camp items.

Today's update was shared via a post on the Rockstar Newswire, but we've detailed it below.

A robber's paradise

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While players won't find any new Blood Money content this week, they will get extra rewards for participating in some existing crimes. Robbing any camp this week, either during free roam or in the Clearing House or Dirty Money, Dirty Deeds crimes, will net aspiring criminals twice the cash and XP this week.

Additionally, players who complete any of these robberies this week will receive an offer for 30% off a revolver of their choice.

Extra reward for odd jobs

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Players who aren't interested in being a criminal element can still reap an extra reward this week. Completing any free roam mission in Red Dead Online will leave players with a reward for a free pair of gloves up to Rank 15. There aren't any extra payouts in cash or XP, but what are those things compared to honor?

Speaking of honor, Red Dead Online is also rewarding its desperados and good, honest cowboys this week. Anyone over rank 100 in the game that has low honor will be rewarded with the You vs Me emote, while players with high honor will receive the Jovial Laugh emote.

Freebies and discounts for all cowpokes

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Regardless of how players make a living in Red Dead Online, they'll be able to save some cash this week. Just for logging in to the game, players will receive three potent health cures and special miracle tonics. However, the real benefit this week comes in a suite of discounts, which can be found below.

  • All consumables at the Doctor - 50% off
  • Multi Class Horses - 50% off
  • Camp fast travel post - 30% off
  • Throwable weapons - 30% off
  • Bandanas - 30% off
  • Cosmetic role items from Madam Nazar - 30% off

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