This Week's PSN Deals Revealed

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Sony has announced the latest wave of weekly deals on PlayStation Network, with offers available across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita.

As posted on the PlayStation Store's website, a lot of EA Sports PS4 games are on sale, including FIFA 17 ($24), NHL 17 ($20), Madden NFL 17 ($20), UFC 2 ($16), and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour ($7.50).

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Other PS4 games marked down this week include Snow Moto Racing Freedom ($20), Tethered ($15), Gunjack ($4), and Alien: Shooter ($3).

The deals extend beyond games, too, as the Adorable Cats and Adorable Puppies PS4 dynamic themes are on sale for $1.50 each.

You can see the full rundown of this week's PSN deals here on the PlayStation Store's website.

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    @jesterofbass: So sports fans get something good this time, your turn will come.

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    @dudebropartyyo: Fair point.

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    Wow...Rory McIlroy for $7.50?!? I'm all about that...I know the game is kinda crap...but I do enjoy golfing games, regardless. And that price is too good to pass up! $20 was almost my price point for that, but this is less than 1/2 that price! For digital download? Sure, why not!

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    @otterbee: I wonder if they improved the game since it's 4 rating release....

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    That EA sale is gross (not my taste in games)

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    Got Fifa 17 for $23 as I got bored with PES17. Not too bad.

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    PSN sales have been crap the last few weeks. I think there was one week in there where they didn't have a sale at all, or it was just one game or something.

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    @Barighm: Well I dunno, if you are a sport junkie. Which no one on this site is granted.

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    @Barighm: yeah pretty much. The last good one was where the had a ps plus sale in Uk, where you could get games like rocket league or usfiv for 10 quid.

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    @Barighm: Yes not the best sales lately.

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    @Barighm: I didn't think the last flash sale was bad... but most of the games I was interested in, I had already bought on a different flash sale.

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