This Week's PS4, PS3, and Vita Deals Revealed

Borderlands, WWE, Battleborn and more in this week's PlayStation sales.


This week's PlayStation deals have been revealed, and there are a bunch of discounts on 2K-published games. As long as you have a PS4, PS3, or Vita, you can take advantage of them.

PS4 users get discounts on games like:

Before you purchase Evolve on the PS4, it's important to know that developer Turtle Rock Studios may bring the PC's free-to-play version to the console.

PS3 players can take advantage of discounts on:

Vita owners get their own discounts on:

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PlayStation Plus subscribers get additional discounts on things like:

You can see the full lists of sales and price changes below.

PlayStation Sales


Product NameSale PriceOriginal Price
American Bald Eagle Avatar$0.89$1.99
Antelope Canyon Cave Hiq Theme$0.99$1.99
Battleborn Digital Deluxe$29.99$74.99
Black & White Sketch Theme$0.99$1.49
Borderlands: The Handsome Collection$23.99$59.99
Digital Horse Hologram Theme$0.99$1.99
Evil Skull In Mask Avatar$0.89$1.99
Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition$19.99$49.99
Evolve Ultimate Edition$23.99$59.99
Girl In Mask Hiq Avatar$0.99$1.99
Lips And Tongue Hiq Avatar$0.99$1.99
Randal’s Monday$6.01$13.99
Road Rage Hiq Dynamic Theme$1.49$2.99
Rollers Of The Realm$1.99$9.99
The Deadly Tower Of Monsters$7.49$14.99
Welcome To Paradise Dynamic Theme$1.49$2.99
Wwe 2k16 Digital Deluxe Edition$45.49$69.99
Wwe 2k16 Season Pass$12.49$24.99


Product NameSale PriceOriginal Price
Ace Combat Infinity Stocked Fuel (10 Units + 1 Free Unit)$7.55$8.99
Ace Combat Infinity Stocked Fuel (50 Units + 10 Free Units)$35.99$44.99
Alex Kidd Miracle World$2.49$4.99


Product NameSale PriceOriginal Price
Rollers Of The Realm$1.99$9.99
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution 2 Plus$7.99$19.99
XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus$7.99$19.99

PlayStation Plus Sales


Product NamePS Plus PriceOriginal Price
Aerodrome Earth Dynamic Theme$1.00$1.99
Alien – We Come In Peace Hiq Avatar$1.49$1.99
Black & White Sketch Theme$0.75$1.49
Dead Or Alive 5 Last Round – Character: Christie$0.00$3.99
Devil Within Hiq Avatar$1.49$1.99
Full Moon Werewolf Hiq Dynamic Theme$2.24$2.99
Glacial Aurora Borealis Hiq Theme$1.00$1.99
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Dynamic Theme$2.99$3.99
Power Rangers – Action Pose Avatar Bundle$3.99$4.99
Power Rangers – Classic Pose Avatar Bundle$3.99$4.99
Power Rangers – Complete Avatars Bundle$7.49$9.99
Power Rangers – Ultimate Theme And Avatars Bundle$8.99$11.99
Power Rangers – Zords Avatar Bundle$3.99$4.99
Randal’s Monday$5.31$13.99
Sugar Skull Rose Hiq Dynamic Theme$2.24$2.99
The Last Stand Theme$1.49$1.99

Price Changes


Product NameNew PriceOriginal Price
Far Cry 4 Gold Edition PS4$59.99$69.99
Just Dance 2016$39.99$49.99
Just Dance 2016 Gold Edition$49.99$59.99
Just Dance 2016: Just Dance 2016 – Just Dance 2016 – Unlimited (12 Months)$29.99$39.99
Just Dance 2016: Just Dance 2016 – Unlimited (3 Months)$9.99$14.99
Just Dance 2016: Just Dance Unlimited 1 Month Subscription$4.99$6.99
The Crew Complete Edition$39.99$59.99
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege$49.99$59.99
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition$79.99$89.99
Wired Arcade Bundle$10.39$12.99
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