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This Week's GTA Online Update Offers Bonus Rewards For Vehicle Cargo And CEO Missions

The next two weeks in GTA Online are import/export themed, with bonuses for vehicle cargo, CEO, and extraction missions.


For the next two weeks in Grand Theft Auto Online, players can earn extra rewards for completing vehicle cargo missions. Now through June 23, you can earn double cash and RP for vehicle cargo missions, plus a bonus of $250,000 for five boosted vehicles and an additional $250,000 for 10 total vehicles. The bonus cash will hit players' bank accounts starting June 30.

The next two weeks in GTA Online are focused on Import/Export, offering double rewards for all VIP/CEO work, as well as double salary for all associates and bodyguards. The PvP mode Extraction is offering triple rewards for all participants. Players can also enjoy executive perks, like free drinks at the Diamond Casino Bar and the Music Locker. Plus, CEOs can waive the cost of changing their assistant and the renaming of their organization.

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In addition to the bonus rewards, there are plenty of discounts and free items for players to snag. The big prize on the Luck Wheel in the Diamond Casino and Resort this week is the Overflod Entity XF. Players who log in during the next two weeks will receive the Vinewood Boulevard Radio T-shirt for free.

There are also discounts on a selection of vehicles, plus executive offices and related renovations are half off. Players can also pick up a vehicle warehouse for 30% off. Here are all the vehicles discounted for the next two weeks in GTA Online:

  • Pfister 811 - 40% discount
  • Benefactor Stirling GT - 40% discount
  • Dewbauchee Seven-70 - 40% discount
  • B-11 Strikeforce - 35% discount
  • Buckingham Volatus -35% discount

Prime Gaming members can get an additional $100,000 for logging into GTA Online anytime this week. Members also get an exclusive 70% discount on the Buckingham Valkyrie and an 80% discount on the Dinka Sugoi.

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