This Week's GTA 5 Sales And Bonuses Revealed

Here's everything you need to know.


Rockstar's ongoing support of Grand Theft Auto V's multiplayer mode, GTA Online, continues with the latest set of weekly deals and bonuses.

Starting today, players can earn double GTA$ and RP in the Juggernaut and Resurrection modes, while the GTA Online stunts and Special Vehicle Races made by Rockstar also pay out double.

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In terms of sales, a number of vehicles are 25 percent off, including the Hijak Ruston, Progen GP1, Pegassi Infernus Classic, and Grotti Turismo Classic. Vehicle mods are also discounted 25 percent, including transmission upgrades, brakes, exhausts, and spoilers, as well as engine and turbo upgrades.

Cunning Stunts clothing--everything on offer--is also marked down by 25 percent for the week. All of the sales and bonuses are good through May 25.

Rockstar also announced the next Premium Races and Time Trials.

May 16-22

  • Premium Race -- The Loop, set to Rocket Voltic
  • Time Trial -- Down Chiliad

May 23-29

  • Premium Race -- Steeplechase, set to Ruiner 2000
  • Time Trial -- Del Perror Pier

You can read more about the latest weekly sales and bonuses for GTA Online on Rockstar's blog.

Grand Theft Auto V has shipped an astonishing 70 million copies by parent publisher Take-Two's latest count. The company will report earnings next on May 23, so we may learn more soon.

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