This Week's GTA 5 Sales and Bonuses Revealed

Cheap yachts, properties, and more on offer this week.


The latest event in Grand Theft Auto V has begun, bringing GTA Online players new discounts and bonuses for the next week.

With football season underway, several football-themed modes have been highlighted. You can earn double GTA cash and experience by playing certain football-inspired Adversary modes: Running Back II, Cross the Line IV, and Inch by Inch III. These are accessible through a special playlist located on the initial loading screen, or by selecting Adversary Modes 9 from the in-game playlist menu.

All of that bonus cash will get you even further right now, with steep discounts on a number of expensive things. All yachts are half off, with customization options for them 25 percent off. All offices and properties are also half off, with 25 percent discounts on high-end apartment interiors and office interiors/mods.

On the vehicle side, the Cargobob and Buckingham Valkyrie are each 50 percent off. (You typically need to have completed the Humane Labs Heist in order to purchase a Valkyrie, but that's not the case during this event.) And if you've yet to try upgrading a car at Benny's, or you simply want to give that treatment to another vehicle, you can do for 25 percent off with the Banshee 900R.

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The 900R will come in handy right now, as the latest premium stunt race features that car on the Downtown Loop track. Participants who come in the top three spots will receive cash payouts, while everyone will receive triple experience.

These bonuses and discounts are available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 from now through Thursday, September 15.

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