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This Week's Free Witcher 3 DLC Revealed

You'll "explore a forgotten village" and lay waste to a mysterious monster in this week's new add-on.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's free DLC campaign continues this week with a new sidequest, developer CD Projekt Red announced on Monday.

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Here's the official description for the quest, which is called "Where the Cat and the Wolf Play...":

"Explore a forgotten village and discover its terrifying secret. Find out who or what slaughtered its inhabitants and use all your witcher skills to confront this mysterious force."

After you apply the latest Witcher 3 game update, you'll find a new witcher contract in Oreton village. Inhabitants of the nearby city of Honorton are struggling against a monster known as a "spook." It's your job, as usual, to save the day.

This quest is free DLC number 15 of 16 planned add-ons. The final free content will be released next week.

But that won't be the end of The Witcher 3's DLC offerings. The first of two major, paid add-ons, Hearts of Stone, will launch in October. This will be followed by Blood and Wine in early 2016. You can buy them together for $25, though individual pricing has not been announced.

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