This Weekend's Free Steam Game Revealed, Alongside Some Discounts

Vermintide is also discounted by 50 percent, if you want to keep playing.


Another free weekend promotion is being held on Steam this weekend, and this time, it's the Left 4 Dead-like Vermintide. It's available to play for free until Sunday at 1 PM PT, and if you want to keep playing, it's on sale for $15 down from $30.

The Collector's edition for Vermintide is also discounted. It costs $22.49 if you don't already own the game ($7.50 if you do) and comes with five hats, wallpapers, two Prestige Trinkets, a soundtrack, Behind the Scenes pack, and the Ubersreik map. Additionally, the Drachenfels DLC is discounted to $4.49 from $9.

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Other deals on Steam this weekend include the boxing simulator Punch Club for $2.50, with its Deluxe edition--which comes with a soundtrack and artbook--going for $3.75. Campo Santo's Firewatch is discounted to $12, but you can get the game with its soundtrack for $15. The soundtrack on its own is $3.60. All of these deals last until Monday, November 7, at 10 AM PT.

Vermintide scored a 7/10 in GameSpot's review. Critic Scott Butterworth concluded, "Though the action is mostly mindless, its gruesome details and varied characters still make for satisfying gameplay. The loot system, while not as deep as it could have been, proves an intelligent addition to the Left 4 Dead formula. And the 13 levels provide enough variety that, with the right team, Vermintide remains entertaining for a solid handful of hours."

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Firewatch also received a score of 7/10 in its review for its "visually splendid world" and "believable, endearing characters."

For other deals, you can check out the PS4, PS3, and Vita's weekly discounts or this week's Xbox One and 360 Deals With Gold.

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