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This Very Large And Hard-To-Find Transformers Toy Is Back In Stock

The biggest bot on the block is making a comeback.


One of the biggest Transformer toys of all time is making a comeback, and if you missed out on the first run of one of these gargantuan Cybertronian guardians, then here's your chance to get your hands on Fortress Maximus without having to pay exorbitant aftermarket prices.

Originally released in the Titans Return line of Transformers action figures, Fortress Maximus lives up to his name. There's big, and then there's Titan-class big. We're not exaggerating when we say that this replica of the living Autobot stronghold is roughly the size of a small child. It stands in at 23.5 inches, which is taller than the average length of a newborn baby. Fortress Maximus costs a lot less than a baby, though.

After the original run ended, this figure saw a hefty increase in its value by collectors who had grabbed all of the stock. Resellers regularly charged double to triple its retail price.

Transformers Titans Return: Fortress Maximus
Transformers Titans Return: Fortress Maximus

This new run will arrive in March 2024 and costs $206 at Entertainment Earth. In case you're wondering, it's not a brick of plastic but a fully posable masterpiece of small details and fun interactive extras. US shoppers can get free shipping with promo code FALLFREE79.

The head of Fortress Maximus can be removed and transformed into Cerebros, which is roughly the same size as a Voyager-class Transformer toy. You can then take things a step further and remove the head of Cerebros to form Emissary, a thumbnail-sized Transformer. That's basically three bots in one figure, although two of them will technically be headless.

You can also insert batteries into Cerebros to activate a number of light and sound functions on Fortress Maximus. Overall, this oversized Transformer makes for an impressive centerpiece in any collection. If you have the space for it, that is.

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