This Unofficial Tears Of The Kingdom Controller Looks Awesome

A new third-party gamepad sports a Zonai-inspired design and has tons of extra features.


Controller manufacturer IINE just dropped a brand-new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom-themed Switch pro gamepad, and while it's not an official Zelda accessory, it certainly looks the part, sporting a gold and green design based on Link’s new Zonai powers in Tears of the Kingdom. This new controller could make a decent alternative for those who missed out on preordering the official Tears of the Kingdom Pro controller.

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You can grab IINE’s new Zelda controller by itself for $37 (plus $10 shipping) or bundle it with a protective carrying case for $43 (plus $10 shipping).

Along with the Zonai-inspired looks, the gamepad uses the familiar Switch pro controller button layout and features mainstay features like NFC and Amiibo support, rumble, and gyro controls. There are also bonus features like burst mode, one-button wakeup, and LED ring lights around each thumbstick that you can customize using extra buttons included on the controller. IINE says the controller has an 8-10 hour battery life and can charge fully in around three hours.

If you’re looking for other Zelda-themed Switch controllers, be sure to check out this $45 Ocarina of Time-themed gamepad from PowerA. You can also still get gold Zelda-themed Joy-Con controllers by purchasing the Tears of the Kingdom Switch OLED console, which is available now. And if you still need to preorder a copy of the game, check out our Tears of the Kingdom preorder guide for details on retailer-specific bonuses.

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