This UK Rapper Will Trade You His Album for Shiny Charizard Pokemon Cards

Make JME's dream come true.


UK Grime rapper Jamie Adenuga, better known as JME, is on the hunt for a shiny Charizard Pokemon card and is offering to trade a copy of his new album, Integrity>, on vinyl for one.

For those not familiar with the him, Adenuga is founder of English grime label and group Boy Better Know, which has produced artists including Wiley--thought of by many as the godfather of UK Grime--Skepta, who appeared alongside Kanye West at the BRIT Awards, and recently released a track with Drake.

Adenuga tweeted on July 10 that he would be up for swaps for a "Charizard in good condition."

Those that produced anything other than a good condition shiny Charizard were sent packing. To paraphrase one of his most popular tracks "Salamence? Man don't care about all that. Deoxys? Man don't care about all that. Empoleon? Man don't care about all that."

"What about [Nintetails]? Man don't care about all that. Muk? Man don't care about all that. Wigglytuff? Man don't care about all that. Pinsir? MAN DON'T CARE ABOUT ALL THAT."

"I'll bury man two foot shallow, ain't got time for [Non-OG]"

Low quality Charizard? "Fam, don't @ me. Fall back a likkle bit, don't @ me. I am not having it, don't @ me. You will get blocked quick, don't @ me. With your default pic, don't @ me."


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