This Terrifying Sonic Mask Is The Stuff Of Nightmares, So You Should Obviously Buy It

Gotta buy fast.


Halloween 2019 is fast approaching, and while there are sure to be countless people cosplaying as Pennywise, Spider-Man, Joker, or characters from Stranger Things, you're guaranteed to have the most (ahem) unusual and downright terrifying costume of all when you walk in wearing this truly one-of-a-kind Sonic mask, first spotted by @ShaneWatch on Twitter:

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Here's a full-frontal view, so you can imagine waking up to see this face staring down at you:

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According to the Amazon listing, this is a "novelty sonic hedgehog mask for adult" made of high-grade thick latex. It's listed at $49 and is available for free one-day shipping with Prime. Lucky you!

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And yes, people have actually bought this thing. If you need any more convincing to make this your Halloween costume for 2019, just check out this perfect review from Amazon user vivvav.

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"This ridiculous, horrific, ill-conceived thing is by far one of the most fun purchases I've ever made in my life and I heartily recommend it," their review reads. "The fun you can have with the Sonic mask is limited only by your twisted imagination."

Here's another promising review from "Connor:" "As soon as I put on this mask I gained +2 Chungus. People think I'm some sort of blue freakish gorilla monster but they're wrong. I'm a supersonic hedgehog on a mission. When I wear this mask I feel the sudden urge to headbang my forehead on my car dashboard anytime Hollaback Girl plays on the radio. You will feel invigorated. You will become one with the hedgehog. Also, people might call the cops on you if you wear this around a school."

Of course, there's also a two-star review from "Brenda," who writes, "If you just want to look like a weird blue thing, then go ahead and buy it." That's the entire point, Brenda!

We're not sure what it is about Sonic the Hedgehog that makes his design so easily turn creepy, but it never stops being funny. This mask is reminiscent of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie that faced major backlash after fans saw Sonic's off-putting design; the studio even delayed the movie's release so it could fix Sonic's look.

Will you be buying this terrifying Sonic mask to wear on Halloween or, I don't know, a casual Tuesday? Let us know in the comments down below.

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