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This Super Mario Maker Level Is a Working Calculator

You probably don't want to use it in math class, though.

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There are a lot of imaginative Super Mario Maker levels out there, but none that we've seen are quite like this working calculator. It might not be the most practical, but the way it delivers the answer to your equation is quite impressive.

The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator created by Reddit user Helgefan can work out simple math, as the video above demonstrates by adding six and six (via Kotaku).

To use the calculator, the player has to move Mario to a number then jump and move upward to select it. Once the two numbers are chosen, push him through the pipe and sit back.

Of course, that's just how you put in an equation. The creator has posted an in-depth breakdown of how it works on Reddit.

"The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator is a digital circuit consisting of logic gates such as AND and OR not unlike an electronic calculator," they explained. "However, instead of two different voltage levels, shelmet (1) or no shelmet (0) are used as binary states (bits)."

They've provided an image that reveals the logic, and you can check that out right here.

They also noted that simple adding machines are nothing new to Super Mario Maker, though this is the first one that has a decimal conversion and a proper display for the result.

In other Mario Maker news, Nintendo recently released a wallpaper creator based on the Super Mario Maker tool set.

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