This Super Mario 64 speedrun is darn impressive

Watch as this guy collects all 120 stars in under two hours.


Super Mario 64
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How long did it take you to collect all 120 stars in Super Mario 64? Surely longer than one speedy gamer, who this week posted a video of what appears to be a world record speedrun.

Watch the video below as Twitch user Siglemic completes the beloved 1996 Nintendo 64 game in an astonishly quick 1:43:54. He's using a standard Nintendo 64 controller and you'll notice it's the Japanese version. That's because it has a 2.7 second advantage, he says.

Siglemic makes use of advanced techniques like backwards long jumps, jumpdives, and lava boosts, but he assures us that this video is not a tool-assisted speedrun. He also points out that he's playing on a Nintendo 64 itself, not an emulated version.

In all, Siglemic says he's been playing Super Mario 64 for three years and has racked up around 5,000 hours of playtime so far. Watch and be amazed.

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