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This Stunning Nier Vinyl Box Set Lets You Have A Cry To 35 Songs

The box set includes 35 tracks from both Nier and Nier Automata.


The Nier games aren't for everyone, but even the least-sad person in the world has to admit that both Nier Replicant and Nier Automata are packed full of bangers. Composer Keiiche Okabe is a wizard, and you can currently get a vinyl box set that comes with dozens of tracks from both games.

The Nier Automata / Nier Gestalt and Replicant Original Soundtrack Vinyl Box set is available on the Square Enix store. It features 35 tracks across four vinyl records, and its gorgeous packaging features characters from both games. It's done in a watercolor style, with the recurring Lunar Tear flower visible in a few spots, and was drawn by Tokyo Ghoul creator Sui Ishida.

You can see the full track listing for the album here, but it's worth noting that not every single song is included. If you get the CD or MP3 version of the Nier Automata soundtrack, for instance, it includes 46 songs, while the original Nier soundtrack had 43. Some of these are variants of the same tune, such as the multiple "Weight of the World" versions that accompany key moments in Automata's story.

Nier's music has received so much acclaim that it was toured internationally in a special concert series, with stops in major cities like London and Chicago. During one concert called "The Memories of Puppets," a small one-act play was also performed, serving as an epilogue to Automata's story. If you want to watch it, you can pick up a Blu-ray recording that also includes 17 songs.

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139--that's the approximate square root of 1.5--is available today on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. In our Nier Replicant review, Michael Higham said the game made him "ugly-cry" multiple times and praised its storytelling, revamped combat, and, of course, its music. You can get the PC version on sale for $48 via Green Man Gaming with the code SPR21.

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