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This Site Will Help You Become A Better Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Engineer

Want to learn how to build planes, tanks, mechs, and Korok torture devices in Tears of the Kingdom?


Of all the new abilities introduced in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the crafting options made possible by Fuse and Ultrahand have really captured fans' attention. Yet for every video of a cool battle mech or Korok torture device, there are just as many players struggling to figure out the engineering that goes into these contraptions.

Enter, a site where players can share their favorite builds and get tips from others on how to piece together more intricate contraptions, as picked up by Kotaku. The site currently shows a picture of the build in question, along with a list of components used to build it.

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While there's space for a description where some users have submitted build tips, most of the submitted builds are still lacking this element. You can also search by a specific component to see all the builds that use it.

The site has a handful of user-submitted builds already, ranging from a combat buggy to an attack helicopter and even a Korok launcher.

The site was launched this week by Daniel Luu, CEO of gaming company Akrew. He also created the Animal Crossing: New Horizon trading platform Nookazon, along with a number of similar marketplaces for other online games.

If you're still struggling with basic building in Tears of the Kingdom, check out our Ultrahand starter guide before you attempt any of the more complex builds listed on

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