This Pokemon Drum Cover Rocks

Hear the Pokemon Red/Green theme music...this time a lot heavier.


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The opening theme music from Pokemon Red/Blue is one of the more memorable gaming tracks ever, but you've probably never heard it this way.

YouTube drummer Andrew Fleming today posted a drum cover of the iconic song. Not only does he totally nail the performance, the video has some cool, Pokemon-inspired imagery. Take a look:

This is not Fleming's first gaming video. Before this, he rocked out to a killer version of the "Battle Theme" from 2001's Final Fantasy X, while another 2016 video saw him perform a Sonic "Green Hill Zone" drum cover.

In 2015, he performed this awesome Destiny drum cover. You can watch all of Fleming's videos on his AF Drums YouTube page.

Fleming isn't the only person performing video game drum covers. This amazing video shows a drummer turning a Smash Bros. match into beautiful jazz.

2016 is the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon series. The Pokemon Company celebrated the milestone with a Super Bowl commercial and a Drew Barrymore party, among other things.

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