This Pokemon ASMR Video Stars A Squelching Grimer

That's what good Pokemon sounds like.


If you were not aware, The Pokemon Company makes ASMR videos starring Pokemon. The videos are uploaded to an official YouTube channel called Pokemon Kids TV, where kids (presumably) can watch and listen to the soothing sounds of the Pocket Monsters. If there's one in particular you must see, it's this one starring Grimer, who makes a horrible--or soothing, depending on who you ask--squelching noise across a variety of terrains.

Grimer squelches its way across a flat surface. It squelches across a ball pit. It squelches on a vibrating platform and through a clear tube. It flops around a bit, and it looks happy the whole time. It's hard to be mad at Grimer, who sounds a bit like stirring mac and cheese, and it's hard to look away. You can watch it for yourself below.

Here are some Grimer facts for you: Grimer is number 88 in the National Pokedex; it's designated the "Sludge Pokemon" and one of its abilities is called Stench. It stands at 2'11" and weighs 66.1 pounds. According to Grimer's Pokemon Ruby Pokedex entry, "Grimer's sludgy and rubbery body can be forced through any opening, however small it may be." That explains the tube. According to its Pokemon Gold Pokedex entry, "As it moves, it loses bits of its body from which new Grimer emerge." That means there are infinite squelch possibilities here.

The only other Pokemon ASMR video on the channel features Chespin eating Pokepuffs, a macaron-like snack.

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